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a cracker that is perfectly crisp, surprisingly sturdy and most importantly, utterly delicious.
Our crackers, paired with the right cheese or the finest tapenade will become a favorite
for any occasion. Enjoyed by themselves, these crackers are a snack like no other. We think
you will agree, Urban Oven has created the ultimate cracker.

a cookie that is fresh baked, sweet, flavorful and most importantly, utterly delicious. Our cookies
paired with coffee, tea or with a glass of ice cold milk are a taste sensation. We think you will agree,
Urban Oven has created the ultimate cookie.


All natural, never processed is a philosophy we take to heart.
Using only the freshest and highest quality ingredients, like extra virgin olive oil and farm fresh milk, we bake each cracker to perfection. This results in a difference you can taste and a cracker that’s part of a healthy lifestyle.

Environmental responsibility is something we take seriously.
Our packaging is made from recycled materials and we recycle our production waste. This is our commitment to our environment and to our future.

A personal touch goes into every product.
We hand weigh and pack each box, reflecting our extraordinary attention to quality and detail.

Small batches ensure Urban Oven’s hand-crafted crackers are perfect every time and for every occasion.
Try them with your favorite cheese, appetizer, dip or as a side for soup and salad.

Local ingredients are used whenever possible.
We feel strongly about supporting local suppliers, giving back to our community and to the earth.


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